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Full Version: New HP calcs
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If you haven't heard already, there are new HP calcs. They're not RPN, they're algebraic. Here are 2 links that'll lead you directly to big pictures :



I'm so excited about the new calcs. I wish HP made RPN versions; the algebraic entry system is the pits!!! I've used RPN for over 20 years, and I can't go back now!! HP, are you listening????

Give me an "R"


Give me a "P"


Give me an "N"


What's that spell?

RPN!!!! Yeah!!!!!

RPN, RPN, RPN, RPN, RPN, RPN, RPN, etc . . .

OOOH, Ron! I've always had a "thing" for cheeleaders!!! Athletic, short skirts, tight sweaters. Most of 'em didn't have any interest in geeks like me who use calculators, but you get the idea. Go, baby!!!