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Full Version: What key for "R^" in a program HP-41CV
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I found a HP-41CV program on the net and in a line i need to enter "R^", Which key should i press for that result?

RTFM is the usual advice in these situations. What you are asking is covered within the first couple of chapters.

Probably is referring to "roll up". That is, roll the stack up. To access this function, you'll have to do a:
XEQ ALPHA R shift N.

Thanks! That was it... My program run now!!!

Sorry, i'm new to HP and i'm trying to learn it; i'm use to TI since 25 years and mu encounter with an HP is a week old... without a manual... :-)

The HP41 has many more functions than keys, so there's not always a key to press to enter a function. What you do in that case is press <XEQ> then <alpha>, then type in the name of the function, then press <alpha> again. This
works both in 'run' mode (to execute a function not on the keyboard) and in program mode (to enter the function a a program line).
So in your case, press <XEQ> <alpha> R ^ <alpha> (where ^ is typed as <shift> <enter> -- there's a label on the back giving the shifted alpha characters).
Oh yes <xxx> means press the key with 'xxx' on it.
I would recomend trying to get the user manual, though. It's got a lot of good information in it. Another good book is 'Extend your HP41' by Wlodek Mier-J. That's probably the most useful 3rd party book for general users -- it covers everything from turning the machine on to
synthetic programming. I use my copy all the time.

If there is some function that you use a lot, you can assign that function to just about any key on the keyboard using the ASN key. This can save a lot of typing of those alpha function names.

All the standard functions are listed in one of the "Catalogs" that is available for viewing by pressing "f" ENTER, I think. Whenever I cannot remember the abbreviation for a function, I refer to the catalog first.


Well, even if present manuals are the last thing to refer to when a problem arises, I need to say that the prior 1986 HP manuals arere examples of their kind many manufacturers should refer to. There were a lot of examples and labs, and allways with the same touch of humor that I appreciate a lot. Everybody remembers lovesick sailor who by chance had a 41C in his bag, don't you ?

BTW, the R^function could also be accessed y... 3 times RDN :-)

Lovesick sailor Oscar Odysseus first had an HP25!