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Hi all -

I recently won an HP at ... some auction site or other, and it came complete with the original brown [fake?] leather zip up case.

More pertinently, when I received it, the calc was _inside_ this case, and when I opened the case up ... the unit was filthy! It had this crumbly, dark brown grud all over it.

Cleaning it was not difficult, but I soon established that the grud (my portmanteau word for grime/crud) in question had come off the inside of the case. There is a black mesh on the inside of that case, and beyond that is the inner wall of the [p]leather, which when rubbed releases the grud.

I guess I am wondering - are these cases known for this sort of material breakdown? Or perhaps this is a kind of mold? Perhaps it is because of the conditions in which it was kept (the unit came from Texas)? Just wondering too if it is worth trying to clean the case (can I just throw it into a washing machine by itself?) ...



That is a common problem, particularly with the HP-41 case. I have remedied the problem with at least one such case by turning it inside out and tossing in the washing machine with a general load of laundry. Your mileage may vary, of course.


It's referred to as "dry rot". The Spice and 41 cases are the most commonly affected. Excess heat is the most likely cause.

Washing them does work if they aren't too far gone.

when I opened the case up ... the unit was filthy! It had this crumbly, dark brown grud all over it.

Just like when I received my 71B case. At first I thought of throwing it in the trash bin but then I decided to wash it in a powder soap and some Vanish stain remover solution. I rinsed it twice or three times and let it dry overnight. It became like new!


Who was the seller?

Sorry, but I'd rather not go there. I somehow doubt they knew, anyway.