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Full Version: HP 8S ?? What's this? Australia only?
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I found a listing on Ebay for an HP 8S which I had never seen before. I couldn't find it on the US and UK HP sites but did find it on the Australia site.

It probably isn't a "true" HP anyway but is this a new machine which will make it worldwide eventually or is it limited to a specific market? If the latter, have there been any other examples of limited availability?

Just curious...


It appears to be legitimate, Australia only:

(See this link)

I simply love the speification:

"HP 8s has a LCD view area of 61 x 18.8 pixels with 2 display lines."


I am speculating that it is a typo, and should be "mm" rather than "pixels". I am seeing a lot of this sort of error in current HP literature and documentation, given that apparently they no longer have any educated staff to review it.

Interestingly, HP's specifications page for this machine states that the display size is "64x24x2.7mm". Rather odd.


Hey now. . . that's not very nice.


Curious. When I first looked at the HP Australia site, I saw the "pixels" description. Now it's gone. Perhaps I spoke too soon, and they have fixed it.

I agree. I'm in a grumpy mood today, but should not take it out on the generally good folks at HP. So, I officially retract my editorial comment.

Looks like another Casio repack.

Truly a pity.....:(

John Stark

Looks to be functionally identical to this guy:
Ativa AT 30SX

That would mean they're both Kinpos, not surprisingly. I think Datexx and likely Citizen have released their own versions of this model.

Looks like another Casio repack.

Truly a pity.....:(

John Stark

Such a thing is an unthinkable nightmare. Ten years ago, if someone predicted that HP would be re-badging Casio, they would have been laughed out of town. However, I fear you might be right. The HP8S could be a Casio FX85ES Scientific Calculator in disguise.

Casio aren't that bad of course. They have done a lot of good models and I have fond memories of the old VFD FX series but somehow, HP doing this seems really cheap and tacky.



The Ativa AT 30SX sports a dot-matrix display and is a sibbling of the SmartCalc 300s while the HP 8S is a "two-liner".

It is very close to different Casio products, I guess Kinpo / Citizen / Casio is a good place to start ;-))


BTW: voidware.com:

HP 8s Hits The Streets

Contributed by hugh

Friday, 30 December 2005


At first glance, it looks rather like the Casio FX-82au, which seems to have "captured" the school system, at least here in New South Wales. See http://www.schoolstationery.com.au/calculators/fx82au.htm for an example - I haven't compared the keyboards, but they look superficially pretty similar, as does the construction with a sliding cover to protect the calculator when closed.

It's no HP, at least in the classical sense of quality and use of RPN, but I can't fault the company for making a buck by introducing something that's compatible with the classroom instructional materials and techniques of an entrenched competitor.


--- Les


For me it looks like an HP 10s in a new case: same key functions, same training modules ...