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Just wondering, the manual states that the device can record the calculators full statis including memory modules, flags, registers and display.

The term memory modules would apply to the HP 41C with up to a quad memory module or the CV and CX with the standard 319 registers.

Is there anyway to use the WRTA command to record the state of the extended memory?

I have a lot of programs and ascii files residing in my double ex memory module that are never included in the write all WRTA command be it the 9114B or the cassette storage device. Instead the backups reside on magnetic cards and are transferred to extended memory from the card to main memory and from main memory to extended via a READ and WRITE program.

Cheers, Geoff

Edited: 9 June 2009, 1:36 a.m.

[..]Is there anyway to use the WRTA command to record the state of the extended memory?[..]

the Extended IL ROM and the ExtIL+ ROM offer functions to save and restore XM contents to and from HP-IL mass media.




Edited: 9 June 2009, 3:02 a.m.

No, unfortunately WRTA can't be used to write extended memory to HP-IL mass storage devices. You have to transfer the XM files individually. For ASCII files, the SAVEAS and GETAS functions can be used to transfer between XM and mass storage. HP didn't provide any easy functions to do that for other kinds of files.

The third-party "Extended IL" ROM by SKWID INK apparently has functions for file transfers between XM and mass storage. Not to be confused with HP's 82183A Extended IO ROM, which is entirely different.

I believe also the PANAME rom includes some functions to Write/Read the whole XMemory at once, but I'll have to dig it out to be sure about it.

I *vaguely* remember looking at such functions MCODE a few years ago, but didn't fully succeed in copying them to the SandBox.


Thanks all

I didn't think there was an ability without synthetics or third party. I just thought, maybe I was missing something.

I use a program with synthetics by Kieth Jarrett which work for magnetic cards but not for cassette storage.

I will check the Paname module and see if that will load into the clonix and the Extended IL" ROM. At the moment it is not a tedious job when the machine crashes!

Cheers, Geoff

I will put the Extended IL ROM in the Clonix.

Cheers, Geoff

IIRC, there are synthetics programs which basically wrap the while xm registers into one large ASCII file which then can be written to hpil. I'm away from home this week so I can't look it up but maybe someone else can confirm/correct me...



Or as an alternative, you could change the file type of the individual XM files to ASCII/TEXT using the CCD module POKE,

or some synthetic method, and then simply save those file(s) to HP-IL using SAVEAS.