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Full Version: OT: Gratuitous non-HP calculator picture
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took this picture yesterday.

I confess that i'd never heard of this model until recently when tony duell told me about it. I have established, the C interpreter supports pointers as well as structures. looks like the usual C lib is available and implicitly included. you don't include any headers.

the c_lang.zip here describes the C implementation, although this particular file is for a different machine. i'm hoping they are very similar.

there's another one on ebay.

It's in my collection. :)

The VX-4 lacks graphics commands and has no file system, so there is no fopen and the like. The C itself does not support ANSI style declarations and is quite slow.

The PB-2000C has a file system and graphics but otherwise the C translator/interpreter system is equivalent.

If you want a faster machine, the Casio Z-1 (or its FX-890P sibling) is an option. It offers more memory (installed and maximum) as well.

In the MySilicium forum is a recent discussion about Sharp's offering in the C arena, the PC-G850 in various subversions (S, V). The C is considerably faster then the Casio implementation.

Aaaah, can't bear to look at it, reminds me too much of an FX-850P I used to have. Absolutely LOATHED it.

850s or 880s can be found easily on the auction site for reasonable prices. If you need some BASIC information, you can consult my BASIC Comparison Sheet. Utilities to handle tape recordings for Casio calculators can be found here.

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I had an Casio PB-100. It was a fine little thing. I would like to get an PB-2000C or VX-4 though as I think the programming in C is quite nifty.


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