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Full Version: HP71B Entry points
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do ELECTRONIC lists of supported and non supported entry points of HP71B roms and eventually plug-in roms exist somewhere?



You can find the list of supported entry points on my
JPC Rom page in pdf format. It is also in asm source format (hp71ep.a) in the JPC Rom version X source package (zip file).


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Hi J-F

Thanks a lot, do you also have a list of "non supported entry points" and local labels used by GOTO (GOC, GONC ...) like instructions?



Bonjour JFG!

T'a la même chose pour le HP41 et ses modules par hazzard?


No, I don't have a list on non-supported entry points although some were used in LEX files, even by HP. It was not recommended to use such entries without checking they didn't move between versions 1BBBB and 2CCCC/2CDCC.


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Hallo Mike,

Yes, I have a list of entry points for the HP41 mainframe and printers. The file is called mfentry.add and is in the latest Emu41 distribution package (v2.47). Actually Emu41 uses this list to display address mnemonics when started in debug mode.



I recall a publication by HP called the Internal Design Specification (IDS) for the HP-71B which came in 3 volumes. I was an avid reader of that publication when I owned the HP-71B. Is that included in the museum DVD? From that publication you could get all the entry points for the HP-71B.