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Full Version: HP 35 red-dot prototype case, wohooo!!! and other pictures...Had to tell someone!!!
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I can't believe my fortune from a collector and restorer standpoint. I recieved a box of stuff in the mail containing among other things the following:

Prototype HP 35 red dot case in the original tan shell. See the HP Museum photos for the HP 35 that Dave has posted. You can see the hole just to the right of the on off switch.

Heres the top shell inside view also showing how the hole actually resides in it's little rectangular frame:

The two shells showing the insides:

Here is a later model 35 for comparison. Note the smokey LED plastic lense and the lack of silk screened labels for the keyboard bezel. Maybe I will temporarily place a spare HP 35 with labelled keys in position and take a picture of it for posterity.

Included among NOS manuals for classics, flip cards for classics, voyager manuals, HP75B leather case and cards, Hp 65 nav pac and standard pack was this beautiful NOS HP 67 case for a future project. Completely unused!!!

Top shell:

Bottom shell:

The same benefactor sent me two NOS HP 15C badges for my two HP 15C restorations bringing them up to NOS appearance:

Well there is more including some scarce brochures and manuals which I will scan for the Museum.

Thats all for now, enjoy the pictures. Any body got a spare red dot that needs a new case??????????????????????


Geoff, you're a lucky guy.

Best wishes


Hello Geoff,

If you have no use for that empty HP-67 case, I could certainly use it... I have repaired an HP-67 to full functionality (including the card reader with the O-ring fix), but the case is deperately beyond restoration. The silkscreened legends (printed in blue/gold) are unreadable, which makes the calculator almost impossible to use!


Joel Setton

Hi Geoff,

I was wondering how different in color that prototype HP35 case was from an HP70 case...could you photograph 'em up side by side, by any chance?



That is the one Classic I do not have!

In fact the case was mistaken as an HP 70 without the silk screening. It wasn't until I pointed out the neat little hole to the right of the on off switch that the shell was recognized for what it really is.

If anyone has a spare HP 70 for sale, drop me a line.

Cheers, Geoff

P.S. I will bring it with me in the fall to Vancouver, Washington.

This photo suggests the colors are different

Hi Geoff,

Thanks....There is another way to tell that this was not an HP70 beside the hole for the "red dot"...The openings for the top rows of keys were the small ones for the original square HP35 keys with no labels, rather than those from the later versions with the funtion labels on the wider key tops.