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Full Version: PPC vs. CCD vs. ZENROM module
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Could anyone help me by comparing the modules PPC, CCD and ZENROM. Which one is the best? What differs and what do they have in common?


The modules you request have different focuses. In short words:

PPC: Completely FOCAL with Synthetics, various apps, like plotting, root finding, etc, and many utility fcns (mosty synthetic)

ZENROM: Completely in ML. Targeted at the ML and synthetic programmer.

CCD: Completely in ML. Targeted at the programmer _and_ the user. Unique user interface extensions (CAT,ASN,XEQ, direct synthetics), I/O fcns, PEEK/POKE, Matrix fcns, and much more.

You could take a look at the appriorate user manuals at TOS to compare the features in detail.

My favourite is the CCD module, and the CCD OS/X (of course;-)



My favorite is also the CCD

PPC is just a bunch of programs.

CCD is much more. It do also change how the CAT menu works.

You can also type the synthetic program codes directly
like RCL-b etc.

Edited: 21 May 2009, 9:03 a.m.

Is it possible to buy the ccd module anywhere else than on eBay? It seems to be rare there...

Bye NoV-64 or MLDL2000 and you may use any ROM for HP-41.