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Full Version: Nice "bug" in one HP-41C Users' Lib
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I recently scanned the French "Livret d'Applications - Statistiques Appliquées" for the DVD7 of the MoHPC and I found a nice "bug" in one listing.

In the Stat 04 program called "ECHPAIR", on line 154 we can read the alpha string "FS?C02" instead of the instruction FS?C 02:

What is worth to note is that the error is not only in the printed listing, but is also found in the program library of this site: Related Samples , and the same programs (with the "bug") are also in the V41 package available on "The Other Site".

Another question is if this Users' Lib is a specific French package, or if it existed also in English version. What makes me think that this is a specific French package is that many program names and alpha strings are in French. For instance the program name "ECHPAIR" means "Echantillons appairés" (Related samples), in the program we can find the message "MOY." for "moyenne" instead of "mean".

Did an English version exist, and was the "bug" mentionned above also present in it?

J-F Garnier

Edited: 9 May 2009, 9:34 a.m.