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Full Version: Scientific notation on 50g
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I feel like when I used to type in '9' 'EEX' 27' to my 50g, it would display "9E27". But today it started showing "9.E27". Am I going crazy or is there an option to change this back somewhere. I have exact mode on.

Edited: 24 Apr 2009, 6:20 p.m.

James Prange would know the answer. Where did he go, anyway?

I've never seen a number displayed in STD, FIXED, SCI, or ENG notation on my HP48GX, HP49g+, or HP50g without a decimal point *somewhere* in the mantissa. I don't believe that it is possible to suppress the decimal point in the displayed value.

I've been wondering the same thing... He was a genius as far as the 48/50 family went. Every answer was incredibly in-depth.

James, you still around?


Something's coming to me on this--wasn't there a thread recently that talk about this--I rememeber it coming up--deja vu.)

I am looking at my 48gx and I see:

line 3: 131.900415187
line 2: 5525
line 1: 2

format is 'STD'
ML is checked

When I type in "5E31" I get '5.E31'

Alright. Thanks for checking :)

I seem to remember that if a number is displayed without a decimal point, its type is an integer and if there is a decimal point displayed, its type is floating point. I found this on page 2.1 of the 50g User's Guide:


Note that real must be entered with a decimal point, even if the number does not have a fractional part. Otherwise the number is taken as an integer number, which is a different calculator objects. Reals behave as you would expect a number to when used in a mathematical operation.


Any number with a mantissa and a characteristic will not be of integer type.