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Full Version: And now for something completely off topic:
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Spring has finally Sprung in South Vancouver, British Columbia. Yard clean up, lawn and some flower shots all of which took place this week.

Easily a 4 week delay in Spring around here! Enjoy the colour:

Nice flowers, nice pix. What camera? Sam

I use Photobucket.com for the picture hosting centre.

The camera is a Canon Powershot S31S, 6 megapixels with a macro setting and complete control of ASA shutter, aperture and the ability to change lenses.

The closeups shown here were handheld in natural light. The close ups of the calculators are done on a tripod with light reflection to balance the shadoww.

Hope that helps.

Spring in Switzerland (Thurgau, Bodensee) looks like this:

Pictures taken today with a Nikon D60.

Best Regards,

Spring has finally Sprung in South Vancouver, British Columbia. ...
Easily a 4 week delay in Spring around here!

Hi, Geoff --

Excellent photos (as well as those of Juergen Keller)!

Yes, our part of the world (SW Canada/NW US) has been mostly cool this year. In Portland/Vancouver (US) are, we've had only two short warm spells in March/April with temperatures near or above 25 C (77 F).

BTW, did you notice that I recently bought a Zenith T/O after learning about it from your post?

-- KS

Hello Karl,

I saw your post and question theme throughout. I was trying to formulate a thoughtful response but since spring has sprung, the yard work has taken over.

The Zenith Transoceanic is a fantastic reciever, probaly one of the best, last of the old style types made. No IC's, removable transistors, Beat frequency oscillators, RF gain and etc.

The last version is the rarest, as it was competing with Sony's one tenth the size.

Many hours of good listening on that machine. Here are some good sites to check up:

resource library


Have fun with it, btw, I paid about $20 for mine and the refurbished it. It was in working condition but filthy. Tore it apart; cleaned the tuner and all the knobs with tuner cleaner. Cleaned the cabinet, purchased battery tubes, new cord, two transistors, users manual and the service manual.

Here is a restoration of the last model:

7000-2 restoration

Cheers, Geoff

Edited: 26 Apr 2009, 12:09 p.m.

Since Sunday is World Pinhole Photography Day,
here's my picture of the day

Yes, some of that snow is fresh.

The "Camera obscura" is a camera without a lens. The smaller the hole the sharper the image but the longer the necessary exposure time.

Your pinhole could have been smaller. ;)

In theory yes, but in practice not much. After a certain point diffraction takes over and degrades quality further.

What do (parts of)India and Switzerland have in common?

Sacred Cows ;-)

Beautiful fotos.