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Full Version: Some Awsome New HP Journal Articles For The Next CD
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{This was sent as email to David Hicks - I thought I would share this with everyone}

I do not have a scanner but would be willing to send you these HP Journals for you to scan.

HP-21, 22, & 25: November 1975 (12 pages)

Personal Calculator Algorithms I: May 1977 (3 pages)

Personal Calculator Algorithms II: June 1977 (4 pages)

Personal Calculator Algorithms III: November 1977 (2 pages)

HP-41C: March 1980 (24 pages)

HP-86, 87XM, CP/M Module, HP-41C driving an HP-7470 Plotter: December 1982 (17 pages)

HP-41C D/A ROM & HP-3421A Data Acquisition Unit: February 1983 (19 pages)

Series 80 Speech Module: January 1984 (8 pages)

HP Calculator IR link, HP 82240A Printer, HP-18C & 28C Robotic Manufacturing: October 1987, (11 Pages)

HP-48SX: June 1991 (43 Pages)

HP-48GX: August 1994: (20 Pages)

I also have a 22 page HP Sales Booklet for the HP 48SX and the HP 28S

You’ve done a great job with the museum.


Bruce Cohen

I've responded to your email too.


Great! Is there any chance that at least some of these will be available online at this site?


All the aforementioned HP Journal articles have already been available on the PPC CDROM set for over three years now. Check out
www.magpage.com/~jakes/ppccdrom.htm on the web.