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Full Version: HP-41C on Cover of CQ Magazine
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I just found a pic from the May issue of CQ Magazine. Is that an HP-41C?


Edited: 19 Apr 2009, 11:30 a.m.

I looked at it. I don't think it is an HP-41C. I think it is TWO HP-41s. Probably CX's; if I know amatuer radio types. Into things temporal.

Is that an HP-41C?

No, it's a bloke sitting in a chair. Any chance of you being slightly more explicit as to where we should be looking?

Sorry for not telling you the exact location. Most HP-41 users would spot it quite fast. Look on the shelf in front of the operator.

it appears to be an HP 41 ? sitting on, maybe, an infared printer?

Cheers, Geoff


sitting on, maybe, an infared printer?

I think its another 41. And both are set on some kind of calculator stand. What a pity that in real life you cannot zoom into digital images like they do in TV series like CSI ...

Greetings, Max

What a pity that in real life you cannot zoom into digital images like they do in TV series like CSI ...

Which they lifted from the film Bladerunner.

Recently the (prop) manual for the Voight-Kampff machine in the film was auctioned off, but AFAIK there isn't a manual for the photo zooming machine.

Dear Sherlock,

True that zooming in doesn't help, but you could resort to the postal system and email KL7HFI ~at~ att.net to inquire about it. Making the cover of CQ makes you a celebrity of sorts and I'm sure that Mr. Prindle would appreciate your interest in his collectibles.

Your humble servant,

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I sent him a message last night. I will post when he responds.

I saw that but thought it looked too wide for the length to be a 41 so ignored it. (It could just be a perspective thing though.) Also doesn't seem to be any hint of lettering on the front edge but that wouldn't necessarily show up.

I used photoshop and then tried to sharpen image and sharpen edge. Then expanded the magnification and filled in the missing resolution by hand.

I now know what it is:

Its extremely rare but I am sure it is an HP 84 CX! Or just two 41C's stacked!


Edited: 20 Apr 2009, 8:26 p.m.

My money is on a 41C sitting atop a CV or CX.

Awaiting Sherlock's report with baited breath...

We could just Send him a post card and ask... you know, like the good old days when snail mail WAS the fastest way! GRIN

LOL for real!

Now, that's a grungy J38, and I hope you weren't using the 7991.7 crystal on the ham bands!!

73, Dave W8MIF

7991.7 :-0

Actually trimmed to run 145.95 in my Gonset Communicator.

That J-38 *is* grungy! It is my father's from the 1940s.

Now, here is dreaming of the futre. Someday,. maybe someday...http://www.contesting.com/articles/294

I did get a response:
" Thanks for your note, yes, I own three of them. I purchased one new right after they hit the market and obtained the other two a few years ago being thrown away by the local government. When I got my first one I used it so much I wore out the period button and had to send it back to be fixed. Two of them have battery packs and one has the rechargeable pack. They all work, but I don't have the charger for the rechargeable pack. One has the plug for the printer but I don't have one. I also have two memory cards plus a navigation package. I use two of them often, I prefer it to the regular types. I have used the nav pack quite often until GPS came on the scene. The third one is a spare, being I don't have the charger for it." These are all CX units.

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