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Full Version: Does anyone own a HP-45 Version 1?
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There are presumably 4 versions of the HP-45, similar to the HP-80. The first two versions have a stainless steel strip that runs horizontally just below the display and above the OFF/ON switch, instead of the silver painted strip used on later versions. The only difference between version 1 and version 2 is that the front label on version 1 only has "Hewlett Packard" on it whereas version 2 has "Hewlett Packard 45" Now, I know this is true for the HP-80, because I own both versions, however, I have never found a version 1 of the HP-45, just the version 2, which has a very early serial number 1301A06579, and makes me wonder if such a thing as an HP-45 version 1 even exists. The HP-80 came out before the HP-45, within a year of the HP-35, so it makes sense that there would be an HP-80 version 1 with the generic front label.

So, I ask the question of all you hardcore collectors, do any of you own an HP-45 version 1, or is its existence just fiction?


Edited: 9 Apr 2009, 8:11 p.m.

Yes such an HP-45 version 1 does exists.

I had one and sold it a few months ago. I prefer the Hp-80 "Version 1" :-)

It has a front label saying only "Hewlett Packard" AND a metal bar under the display instead of the the usual paint that wears off.


Bonjour Etienne,

Do you remember the serial number of the HP-45 version 1 that you sold? Do I understand you correctly that it also had the metal strip *and* front label with only Hewlett Packard on it?

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