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Full Version: HP 41CV Battery Question
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I was given a 41cv several years ago which the owner claimed died. Cosmetically it's in excellent condition, very little use. However, the battery holder is cracked in half, and the little springs are missing. With all the talk about the 41's I figured I should actually find out if it is indeed not working. So, here's a start...

...can somebody look at their batter holder and tell me the configuration of the springs. Are the outside pairs connected?



Yes. The outer pairs of battery cells are in series via the springs. The polarities are marked on the outside of the holder.


Thanks Michael. That's what I figured. I'll give this thing a go finally.


Just a note about the springs. Am I correct that you are using the original HP springs?

If not make sure the replacements are not to stiff, as this will lead to cracked battery posts or missing bonded screw head washers.

See this post:

Not the battery posts!

for an explanation of the turning force that the battery hatch imposes on the module/battery block and then to the posts and screw heads. The explanation is in the conclusion section.

I have actually chosen to compress my springs a bit to releave the stress.

Cheers, Geoff