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Full Version: Thermal paper size for HP 19C?
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I bought a HP 19C printing calculator and it came with some rolls of Radio Shack thermal paper that are 1 7/16 inches wide (3.7cm). However, they appear to be too narrow, as the paper is a very sloppy fit and wobbles side to side as it advances. It appears that the correct width is approximately 1 1/2" inches wide. Does anyone know what the correct size is and the HP part number? Assuming the HP product is no longer available, is there an alternate brand equivalent.


Search the archives for "19c" -- we discussed this a few months ago, I think. I'd look it up for you, but I'm sick in bed today (sorry).

Bottom line: get Staples paper. It's cheaper, fits perfect and works just fine. You can buy it in rolls of 9 or 12, I believe. I've used it my 19c for a while with no problems.


I could not find this in the archives, however, I did find out that the HP part number is 82051A and that the width is indeed 1.5". Staples online does not list this size paper so I'll call a store tomorrow to see if I can order some.

Thanks and hope you get well soon.


Here's some. HP sold it in 30' rolls, so you could make 275 rolls for $36. What a deal, if only your 19C printer mechanism would last that long.

Thanks Katie,

After calling Staples and some other business supply stores I came up empty, so I ordered the 1 case with 1.56 miles of thermal paper from your recommended source. I was thinking of buying 15 cases (23.44 miles), since the unit price drops from 71 cents/roll to only 63 cents/roll. However, it occured to me that given the slow print speed of the HP 19C, it would take over a century of continuous use to exhaust the supply, and unfortunately given my age and the current life span of human males that this would be a bad choice.


Even with one just case your cost is $0.13 per HP-19C size roll! You could buy 15 cases and make a business of selling them pre-cut for HP calculators on that electronic body of water that uses 4-color lettering in their name.