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Full Version: HP 67 Calculator emulator for PC.
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My first HP was the 25 in 1976! In 78 I got myself an HP 67 and from there on, it was love and respect for that beauty.

I still have both, but time and daily usage killed the 25 and cripled my beloved 67 also. (Not bad, eh? ... 30 years!
The card reader is no longer functioning, the rubber is gone.
You can no longer use the 67 with batteries, it must be plugged in all the time. New battery pack is no help!
I have quite a few other HP RPN calculators, 28s; 42s; 35s; 50g etc. I use them, but I don't like any of these as much as I love the 67!

I can't describe how happy I was when I found and bought a program for my PC that actually works as my old HP 67 calculator.

However, my happiness was not quite complete.

...May I voice a couple of observations to all the 67 lovers...

Not having the tactile sensory feedback of the keys is a reason for my mistakes while putting in the new programs with the cursor.
A click or any other sound would be a good solution to this problem.

Not being a computer programmer, I must ask any who could give me an answer, is there a reason why this emulator program stops at 224 program steps instead of taking advantage of the nearly unlimited program steps possible in the computer?

The simplicity of programming what made the 67 so great. We have gone full circle. The touch screen devices in use today, are practically the same as the 67 was!

... Am I a single lonely (and old) voice in the wilderness?

Fact! ...Wheneven I meet older engineers, we talk about the simplicity and the good old days of the HP67 (97)!

I would trade my 50g with a 1 Gig memory, in an instant for a decent and fully functional 67!
Sorry, but I can't get used to it... and I won't even mention the manual!!!

With respect to all the HP50g lovers...

Stephen I. Molnar

Hi Stephen,
Are you referring to the emulator at www.limpidfox.com ?

If so, I'd be glad to discuss your ideas, and, if this is the one you're referring to, I'm happy to hear you like it! My email is mike@limpidfox.com.


Hi MikeO.

Yes! I bought your emulator and I love it.

I wanted to send you an off forum email, but it bounced back.
So, drop me a line at stephen@aranda4.com, and I will give you a couple of ideas from my wish list.


Stephen I. Molnar

There is another (different) simulator on this website here along with a few others!

Since I know that there are a couple of places where my HP67 simulator does not behave exactly like the real thing I'd suggest that the other Mike's simulator is probably a better choice right now unless you are using an older version of Windows - however I'd welcome any feedback you care to provide.

Mike T.