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Full Version: Another calculator with RPN (Corvus 500 RPN)
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I believe that it is very rare.
Does anybody have more information on this model?

Link Corvus 500 RPN

Edited: 24 Mar 2009, 7:13 a.m.

Try this


I miss a TI59 with RPN Simulator Module in your collection!

Google for it or search in this unspeakable auction site...


Guess who just bagged a Corvus 500? Better than a moose. Yeeeehaaaaa!

Michael; I don't know what's in your non-hp RPN collection or what you're interested in but there's a Garrett 2000 and a TI RPN simulator for the 58/59 series on ebaby right now. Both are worth having.

Thanks Dennis. I was aware of the TI RPN simulator module, but did not know about the Garrett. What is the difference between the Garrett 2000 and 2002? Is it the wood?


the 2002 has a clock.


Just to let you know the Corvus 500 arrived today, and like you said, it's really solid and well made, much better than my HP-32E. It's in great like new condition with no wear on the gold legends above the keys and gold trim. I think the styling is really elegant, the keys work well and the display is clear. It seems to be very accurate but also very slow. Just computing the tangent of a number takes about 3 seconds! The ability to use any type of AA battery cells is really nice and it also works with my universal AC adapter (it didn't come with the OEM adapter). I'm really impressed with its 12 digit display, which is only rivaled by my HP-48SX and HP-50g, and also by its comparable forensic number. I already had an original manual for an APF mark 55, which is identical except for key arrangement, so I don't need to print out a bulky 8.5 x 11 PDF copy of the Corvus manual. So, thanks again for alerting me to the auction.