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Full Version: Buzzer in HP-01 watch: how to get a replacement
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I aquired a HP-01 in bad shape and am trying to bring it back again. The piezo buzzer in the watch back cover is broken.

Do you have any idea were to get a spare part that would fit?

Thanks for your help


Hello Roland,

I have yet to replace the buzzer, although I did have a completely loose one.

They should be available from a good electronics supply house. Find the correct size and reattach it. Check the old glue attachment point. That will be your target for the new glue. Excess glue or the wrong position for gluing will decrease or stop the peizo effect and therefore the 'buzz'.

Also, the watch is very finicky vis-a-vis the postion of the contact to the buzzer from the battery hatch. The hatch must be in perfect alignment to the circuit board buzzer contact point to battery hatch contact or you will get a reduced sound or no sound at all. Sometimes it takes only a minor tweak of the battery hatch position to get the loudest sound.

I had a buzzer that was missing a chunk from one edge but it still functioned perfectly. On another I made the mistake of gluing the rim of the buzzer into place which stopped it from buzzing! Had to remove it and still haven't figured out where to apply the glue correctly. Of course I may have a dead buzzer.

Let us know how it goes.

Cheers, Geoff