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Full Version: End of an Era
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And so we face the final curtain. . .

According to the hp48.org site, the new HP scientific calculator, the HP89G is a rebadged TI 89 with an RPN mode. "We decided that because we couldn't beat the competition, we'd join them," said product team leader Ronald Sorensen.


Meanwhile, the only calculator-related news release from HP touts the HP 12C as ideal for tax chores (gotta admit, I just hired a new accountant, and the ONLY thinh on her desk was a 12C. A tidy desk is a sign of a sick mind, but what does this say?). Quoth the HP press release, "more than 60 percent of professionals in accounting, finance, computers and mathematics said they consider an HP calculator one of the best calculators available today".

Not for much longer, I'd wager. Looks like the bean-counters have won over the engineers.


--- Les [http://www.lesbell.com.au]

Yikes -- what a bummer!

I wonder if HP would license their "classic" code, molds & technology to a fanatics' group (not-for-profit?) which could manufacture and sell "replicas"? (E.g., check out the Schuco micro-racers -- toy wind-up cars -- from Lilliput motors.)

I'm afraid the HP 89G page is an April Fool's joke. (Actually, I'm glad, because if it were real, I'd be just as appalled as you were.) But you're right, HP needs to set their sights higher than the HP-12C. It (and all the Voyager series) were wonderful calculators, and I've never found anything that can take the place of my 16C, but it's time to see something new from them.

>> I'm afraid the HP 89G page is an April Fool's joke. .


--- Les [http://www.lesbell.com.au]

Yes, the HP89G is an April Fools joke, but have you seen the new TI48?.....:)

OK. So it's a a joke. But, heck, when is HP going to get a new calculator (or handheld computer)? As a loyal HP calculator customer (I have had a 33C, 67, 41C, 41CX, 28C, 48G and 48GX) which I am sure most of you are, I have been waiting for over 4 years for a new model.

Hey Harry! Your wish is my command! Or rather, Hewlett-Packard's! Somebody musta heard ya, pal, because HP now has two new models for sale! Algebraic, and looks like they're designed for students. Check their web site (www.hp.com/calculators). Frank