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Full Version: HP-75 HP-IL software/hardware needed - Trade?
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It has been a long time since I last posted.....
I am using an HP-41 plus a HP82164A HP-IL/RS232C Interface to send data from a HP3421A to a laptop. The application is whole house monitoring using current transformers to profile the electrical usage.
I have an HP-75D with the HP 82718A expansion pod that I would like to use instead of the 41. I have the HP-75 talking to the laptop using the pod built-in acoustic modem and a terminal program in the laptop. It makes a nice simple system, one less box than the HP-41 (or an HP-71) approach.
But to make it work I need either the I/O ROM for the 75 (unlikely?, I am willing to pay or trade) or copies of the I/O utilities SENDIO & ENTIO$ on magnetic cards.
I have various items I would be willing to trade for the utilities on cards: an HP 82176A tape cartridge still in its original plastic, or a new tube of 30(?) magnetic cards for the 75, or a 35/45 charger are possibilites.
I have gone through the archives and found some leads, but none that worked out.
I am open to other suggestions - downloading the LIF(?) files might be possible with what I have, but I would prefer to avoid that if possible.
I can be contacted by e-mail through the museum. Any help would be appreciated. I would be happy to answer questions.

So you use a 41 to collect data from a 3421A, then you walk that over to a laptop connected to an 82164A, then you attach your 41 to transfer the data?

Why not just put the 82164A on the 3421A and connect your laptop directly to the 82164A and get the data without a middleman?

I was unclear. The HP-41 is the HP-IL controller. It requests readings from the HP3421A, reformats them as lines of Excel compatible CSV (comma seperated values) data and sends the lines through the HP 82164A HP-IL/RS232C interface to the waiting laptop running Hyperterminal. The data is stored on the laptop as a .txt file. No data is stored on the HP-41. The .txt file on the laptop is inputted later into Excel for analysis. If the computer crashes, the data already in the .txt file is not lost. The HP-41 (or something equivalent) is necessary as a controller in the HP-IL loop. It is also necessary to reformat the data into something Excel can accept.

Ah, I see. I should have assumed that. Hopefully, when JFG releases the PIL-BOX, you'll have a 3rd option. I.e., Labtop USB to HP-IL directly.

You have mail.
John Pierce