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Full Version: HP-41 I/O Circuit Strip
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I am looking for a new i/o circuit strip (HP part number 80020) for a HP 41CX calculator. This is the flexible strip in the battery compartment that connects to the main circuit board and to the four i/o ports on the top end of the 41. I would also consider a used, non-working HP-41 for parts as long as the battery terminals are clean and show no signs of having corrosion. My old 41 had the batteries leak into the battery compartment and one of the flexible circuit runs was damaged by the corrosion. I was able to repair this by soldering a small jumper over the defective area, after a good cleaning with isopropyl alcohol. My calculator works now, but I'd like to restore it to like new condition if I can. I e-mailed a fellow in the Canary Islands who had a procedure posted with pictures on how to replace this flexible I/O strip, but I haven't yet heard back from him. Is there a source for old non-working calculators to be used for parts, or a source for this I/O strip that I need?

The only source for an original part is from another 41.

Is there a source for old non-working calculators to be used for parts,

That would be eBay, the Wild West of eSales.

Diego's replacement circuit is the only after-market solution. He'll get back to you at some point, I believe he is semi or full time retired?

Thanks. I will wait for his reply before I jump in on e-Bay.

He will be back to the end of this month, contact then.


Yes I'll be back to the track by end March.

Currently I'm out of stock of Flex-PCB replacements. A waiting list is growing and chances are to get the next batch from the manufacturer by mid April.

I'll post an ad in the appropriate section of the MoHPC, as soon as I have the definitive pricing.

Sorry to be so imprecise but I'm almost out of the "civilized world" and have very litle access to the Internet as to get full control on this business (or even my own mail...)

Thank you all for your patience and enthusiasm... :-)


Please put me on your list for a new I/O strip when you get some more. I e-mailed to your Cloneix41 e-mail address, so when you get somewhere that you can check e-mail, you should have an e-mail from me waiting for you.