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Full Version: N cells revisited
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A recent thread indicated that N cells may be hard to find without going to specialty battery stores. I have been getting mine at Home Depot at about two for four dollars. I checked today and they are still 2 for $3.97 plus tax.

That means over eight dollars for a set for an HP-41 and explains why three of my four HP-41's don't have a working battery pack installed.

I've found mine for 20 years at radio shack. Just bought some more 2 weeks ago for about $4.00...

There was a thread a few days ago about that.

Here (UK) I can get alkaline N cells in packs of two for £1.21 (approx. $1.70), and in packs of 20 for £8.96 (approx. $12.55). I can also get NiMH 500mAh N cells for £1.87 ($2.62) each. All these prices include VAT/Sales tax, but exclude posting/handling, although buying enough (or with other stuff) would make that negligible.

In other words, if you look around, you can still find them for reasonable prices.