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Full Version: Printing on a 82143A with HP-75C
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I am wondering if I could print on a HP-82143A printer from a HP-75C. The original printer (82162A )for the HP-75C looks identical to the 82143A, except of course for the connector. So how do I map the 7 pins of the 82143A to the 4 pins (2 IN and 2 OUT) of the 82162A?
Can I even do that ? do the signals use the same voltage levels?
I assume so as they are both HP-IL, right ?

Thank you!


Hi Giovanni,

there is no way to connect the 82143A to the HP-75C. The signals are different. Inside the 82162A there is a special HP-IL chip which you will not find inside the 82143A. The first 82143A was built years before the 82162A and it will only work with the HP-41.