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Full Version: HP-35s Stat Pac Free to download!!
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Hi All,

I posted my HP-35S Stat Pac on my web site. You can access the software's web page by clicking here.. At the bottom of that web page you will find a link to download the ZIP file that contains the 440-page PDF file-formatted manual.




that sounds like an awful lot of work. Thanks for sharing! Unfortunately, I'm not able to extract the file you zipped, but I'll try tomorrow on a more modern PC.

I'm unable to unpack it to:

Archive:  NCS35TB_Stat_Pac.zip
skipping: NCS35TB Stat Pac.pdf unsupported compression method 98

- Pauli

I find the same problem.

Same problem here. I'm using 7-Zip v4.64.

I replaced the zip file with the (bigger) PDF file. It takes a few seconds more to download and you get the pdf file.

Please let me know if you are getting teh pdf file and opening it correctly.


Edited: 22 Feb 2009, 6:44 p.m.

The pdf downloaded without a hitch. I can also open and view the contents. This was a major effort - thanks for the huge contribution to the community.

Got it now. A huge undertaking. Nice.

Pity, I hardly do any statistics any more :-(

- Pauli

You are all welcome!

The Stat Pac combines many of the programs in the Stat Pac I and II of the HP-65 and add a few more programs that take advantage of the 35s' memory.


Works perfectly now. Thanks again!

Namir --

I remember when you first put this out there, advertising on the auction site, if I recollect. It was an amazing feat back then, and I was very impressed. It's wonderful and very generous of you to offer to everyone now.



You are welcome bruce.

The manual serves two purposes (1) Offering the HP-35s programs, and (2) offering the equations for the various statistical calculations.