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Full Version: Elektronika MK-61 Russian Manual Translation?
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Some time back I acquired a Soviet era Elektronika MK-61 RPN programmable calculator, which has a Russian cyrillic alphabet instruction manual. Although I have decifered the keyboard and am able to perform the basic key operations, programming this beast has eluded me. I was hoping that perhaps someone on this forum with a knowledge of Russian and familiarity with the Elektronika calculators might provide some assistance, so that I might enjoy playing with this interesting piece of calculator history.

Thanks - Michael de Estrada

Edited: 21 Feb 2009, 11:21 a.m.

Although not a full translation, this is a command reference in English.

Hi Katie,

thanks from my side, too. I acquired this calc some time ago without any manual, and ran into the same problem as Michael.

This might help some. It's about the b3-34, but it's in English.
this one contains two links to info and programming examples on your machine.

Thanks Katie! That was a big help. I thought the right slider key was used to change between program and run modes, when in fact it is just used to set angular mode (rad/grad/deg). I just wrote and executed my first program, area of a circle.....woooohoooo!

Very helpful. Thanks.

Sounds like a wonderful opportunity to learn a bit of Russian. Get a dictionary and try to translate yourself. :-)