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Full Version: Worth of HP 41 Accessories?
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I have several accessories for an HP 41C Calculator. I have the original box, memory cards, manuals and a pamphlets (advertising HP items) as well as a synthetic programing book. What do you figure these are worth? These were my uncles and he has no interest in them, although he still has the HP 41C he no longer uses much. Is it worth ebaying these? Thanks

The 41C isn't going to fetch as much as a CX but if the whole package is in great shape, you might get $100-$200 for it (that is absolutely a guess). Too many variables to pick a value for certain. Tall keys, corrosion, which program modules, etc. can make quite a difference.
Easy way to check if it's worth your time is to just search the "Completed Listings" on eBay and see what the items you currently have are selling for at the moment.

It also depends on whether you ship worldwide or only to the USA. I've seen the very same item go for twice as much when shipped worldwide than when limited only to the USA. One thing I've learned about selling on ebay is that a good detailed description and lots of clear photos will get a lot more attention and a better price. You definitely need to show a good photo of the display with all segments and annunciators turned on.