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Full Version: ERAMCO MLDL OS - other version?
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the normally (e.g. on TOS) available Eramco MLDL OS manual describes a very handy RAMWR function which allows to directly write into the MLDL ram, similar to HEXEDIT from HEPAX or MCED from Zenrom.

I'd like to add such a function to a little tool-rom I am putting together for myself.

However, all the .MOD files I can find have a version 7b which does not have the RAMWR function (and in general has quite a different set of functions than described in the manual).

I was wondering if anyone either has a different Eramco MLDL OS version which has the RAMWR function or a standalone code for a RAMWR function that I could use. I don't want to try to dissassemble e.g. the HEAPAX and try to find all pieces that are needed for its HEXEDIT functions...



Hi Peter,

I have searched as well, and I do not have the ROM image, but I do have the sources (and so do you ;)

BTW disassembly is much easier with M2kM ...


Thanks Meindert for looking, wanted to avoid typing things in. And yes, I love the disassemble feature of M2K!