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Full Version: HP-67/97 Words/Phrases Magnetic Cards found
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Hi. These were all the rage back in 1976-1978. Using NNNs, PPC members were able to synthesize many crazy words and phrases that would show up on the calculator. They are described in the PPC Journal. Problem has always been that to create them required things like "phase I interrupt switches" unless someone had already done that and recorded them to magnetic card. WARNING, however, never never print any of these if they are displayed on an HP-97, unless you never want to print again.

Well, I was going through my big stack of HP-67 cards I got from an estate sale and noticed I have about 8-10 cards with goodies like this on them.

I have:
6 cards of words and phrases,
1 card with an HP Poem about the retirement of the HP-35/45/55/65,
2 cards that are a running "commercial" for the HP-67/97 in the display,
2 cards for keyboard generated words/phrases

I'd like to make these available to the community, but really don't want to be copying cards for months. :-)

I'd like to ask for 5 volunteers who would be willing to make copies (after I send them copies) when people request them. So, if you want to be a HP-67/97 card copier and want copies of these cards, email me. I will ask for 10 blank cards on which I will record these goodies and mail them back to you. Include enough postage to get them back (can't be more than a normal US stamp).

I'd also like to see if there's a way we can continue to let people here at the museum know about these...they are really cool.

And, finally, does anyone else here have a collection of some of these?


New location of my "HPGENE" webpage...

I have 2 volunteers so far...thanks!

I'd like to ask if Dave would mind putting the email addresses of the volunteers who are willing to make copies of these cards up somewhere on his site (after confirming with them that this is not a problem, of course).

Looking for 3 more volunteers and then we can start spreading the cards around more. :-)

By the way...does anyone else have some of these things left lying around, or am I the only certified nut?