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Full Version: HP 65 - top row of keys not working
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Just acquired a HP 65. Unfortunately the top row of keys (i.e. A - E) is not registering. All other keys are working. I opened it, but didn't find any obvious problems such as corrosion. Any ideas?


Look at the connection betwen logic PCB and Keyboard/display PCB, pin number 11 looking from the right side of the calculator up side down. Perhaps you could find some sign of corrosion or the pin could be broken.

I hope this could help you.



Thanks for your suggestion. I'll try to clean it with isopropanol next week. However, optically all the pins look very nice. No corrosion, no bending, nothing.

Regards, Frank.

Individual keys that stop working can often be remedied by cleaning the contacts as described in this post. While fairly unlikley (I suppose, I am not a statistician) for five keys in the same row to suffer the same problem at the same time, it might be worth a try.