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Full Version: HP-41CX Zengrange: remove rubber fragments
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Hello all,

for quite some time now I'm reading the articles in this forum, and I am really enjoying the enthusiasm and dedication which can be experienced by reading your postings, and as a freshly registered user I hope I can make contributions, too.

Today I'm asking for help. Recently I bought a HP-41CX on the auction site not to be mentioned. Technically it's perfect, but it is a Zengrange model, which was previously wrapped in a rubber protection coating around the keyboard. The former owner has ripped off almost of that rubber, but a residual amount of it is still sticking to the keyboard panel and around the display window. This stuff refused any attempt of smoothly removing it. I'm afraid of scratching the calculator's surface causing irreversible damage by cleaning up.

Does anyone know how to remove this rubber stuff or has already done it without scratching the calculator? Any advice is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and best regards,