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Full Version: HPLink, DOSLink, Trans41 etc
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Hi all, does anybody have a clou where to get or where to download one of the above mentioned DOS exe files? Which one would be your favorite?
Many thanks in advance, Roland

The above are all DOS-based and will only with DOS or Windows on DOS (e.g. Windows 98) or Linux with DOSEMU. IIRC, some of them have problems with faster machines.

I sent you a TOS link with the above (sans the etc... :-)


A better alternative is EMU41 and EMU71. Both support the HP-IL ISA adapter and provide a superset of functionality, with the possible exception of Link+. Link+ has the ability to emulate the HP and Mountain View HP-IL Video Interface. EMU71 has some type of video interface as well, but I am unsure if it emulates any or all the ESC codes (something that I have been meaning to test).

Another alternative primarily for the 41C is HPILCOM. It is a Windows-only (XP OK) program and requires a connection to your 41C via an RS-232 HP-IL Interface. It is not publicly available. You will have ask the author (Hans Brueggemann) to send it to you. BTW, EMU41/71 can also from XP, DOS, Linux/DOSEMU communicate via the RS-232 HP-IL Interface.

If you are a Linux user you can use Tony Duell's LIFUTIL. This provides CLI tools for 9114 formatted floppies (read and write), and tools to get and put 41/71 programs and data.

Lately I have been too lazy to setup all my HP-IL gear just to transfer programs to my 41CX. I find that using http://www.hpmuseum.org/software/41uc.htm to create barcodes and wanding them in is more convenient.