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Full Version: Re: Saturday Night Live skit about some of us
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I could be wrong, but I think many here may miss the point of the skit.


IMHO, the point of the skit was show us all how stupid these (Wii) kids are.

Hi, Egan --

Thank you for the context and insight. However, if "Wii-mania" was the point, it was an easy one to miss. Note how the object of the geek twins' obsession is introduced well before the Wii is opened. The script -- such as it was -- dwelled on the twins, before and after the opening of the presents.

It seemed to me that the emphasis of the skit was ridicule; I'd describe the writing as sophomoric and unfunny. Many users and enthusiasts of TI models were likely as unamused as I was.

On a different note, readers can click a link to read about an infamously shameful example of Wii-mania.

-- KS

Edited: 29 Jan 2009, 2:41 a.m.