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Full Version: HP 49G+ stopped working. Please Help
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A week ago, my HP 49G+ froze, and would not respond to keyboard inputs.

I pulled the batteries and put them back in to restart it, and it would not turn on.

I purchased new batteries, and it would not turn on.

I reset it, and it would not turn on.

I called HP tech support, and, following their instructions, left all the batteries (incl. the memory backup) out of the calculator for a couple days in case there was a static charge to dissipate. It would not turn on. Although the alpha sign on the screen came on briefly. But it only did that once.

I've tried adjusting the contrast, but nothing happens.

I called HP tech support again, and we tried plugging it into my computer via the USB cable. We also checked that the contacts were clean and not deformed. The calculator would not turn on.

Now HP is telling me that the only thing I can do is buy a new calculator.

I paid over $200 for my 49 when I got (about $250). I would like to think that a calculator that expensive would last more than 5 years.

So I'm hoping somebody here can help me track down the problem and fix my calculator, before I spend $100-$160 to buy a 50G.

Please help, if you know anything.


How did the calculator freeze? What did you do? Did you install any libraries?

It was on and sitting for a few minutes. I pressed a button to do a calculation. Nothing happened.

The only library I had installed was installed 3 years ago.