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Full Version: Missing Addresses for HP Calc Calendar Recipients - Can You Help?
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Well, all the free HP Calculator Calendars for year 2009 have been
mailed to those HHC2007 conference attendees for which we have mailing addresses. That still leaves some for whom addresses are missing. We'd like to send the calendars out if only we knew where to send them. The people for whom we need addresses are:

Martin Cohen

Joel Kolstad

Ricardo Lazzari

Gary Cain

Jean-Yves Avenard

Karl Moerder

Carl Morris

Hey guys - can you please contact me at jakes <at> pahhc <dot> org and send me your mailing address?

Jake Schwartz

P.S. - Info on the calendar may be obtained at http://www.pahhc.org/2009/Calendar.htm and info on obtaining DVDs of any of the HP Calculator conferences from the past 23 years is available at http://www.pahhc.org/video.htm