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Full Version: HP32SII function?
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hi all,

besides my real HP32SII I have downloaded from


a .swf file, compiled it with SWFKit to an .EXE
(size 420x720) and having now a nice looking
add on to my real HP Calculator on my PC

The compiled version has two functions I do not understand:

1. 'm,b' called with a blue button
2. 'x1,y1' called with an orange button

Both functions need x1,y1,x2,y2 as an argument.
Both functions having x and y as a result

Since I am not an expert - can someone please explain to me
what the two functions will do?

best regards


I don't own such a SW calc, but I'd guess "m,b" returns the slope and intercept of a regression line. You may call m and b also a1 and a0 instead, since higher order regression curves will have more parameters.

No secure idea of the other button.

On the real HP 32sii, go to Rightshift L.R. [LN] and yo uwill see five softkeys:

 x-carat      y-carat   r  m  b

The x and y with carat over them are interpolate/extrapolations from linear regression, the r is the regression correlation, the m is the slope of the line (y/x) and b is the y-intercept.

that's it!

thanks Bill, thanks Walter