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Full Version: HP48Gii SWAP
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I now have the user's guide but (blush) can't find the SWAP command. I'm so dumb. There's nothing in the index pages, not even for ROLL. Can anybody tell me where to find the SWAP command so I can swap numbers on the stack?


Press the right-cursor (not right-shift) button to perform the swap function (unless you're doing something where it would make sense for it to move the cursor to the right, of course)

There is a ROLL function on the 48Gii (press TOOL, STACK, NXT), but it behaves differently from the ROLL function on RPN calculators. Since the stack is not limited, you must tell it how many levels you wish to roll. Also, ROLL actually does a roll-up. Use ROLLD to roll-down. Pressing DEPTH ROLLD will perform the closest thing to the RPN roll-down function.

edit - I should have stated that I am far from an expert in the operation of RPL machines, and that others would probably provide more, better and/or corrected information.

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Which RPN calc has ROLL?

There is another caveat with the swap button (right arrow)...you can't use it if there is a command line present...you must hit enter first to put whatever is in the command line into level 1 of the stack. In that regard it's not quite as efficient as an RPN machine.

As for the roll command, I think the easiest way to use it is to activate the interactive stack (up arrow), which will put the stack manipulation menu on the screen. Then just move the arrow marker (using the up/down arrow keys) to the highest stack level you want included in the roll operation. ROLL, or ROLLD will then work on that level and all below it. While you're in there, note that PICK duplicates the arrow delineated stack level into level 1, and that ECHO duplicates it into the command line.

Best regards, Hal

Well, none I guess. Seems like the original "R followed by down-arrow" function was call commonly called "Roll", but maybe I misremember.

Well you may be right; I for one always new those 2 commands as RollUp and RollDown

Thanks Jeff and Hal. I'm really missing my 48GX. Take care.