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Full Version: HP-41 back label
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Is there a differance between the back labels on HP-41,HP-41CV and HP-41CX? I have a CV in which the back label has mostly yellow on black background for key pattern with some white for a few shift functions.


Hi I believe the HP-41C and HP-41CV are the same, but the the HP-41CX is different.

My 41C with high top keys that I got in 1980 just has "Made in USA" on the bottom. No FCC ID or the other markings.



I am not sure if you are reffering to the black-label in the back-half. If it is correct, the HP41C/CV have the same label and it has the ALPHA keyboard, say, it shows all characters available in the keyboard when ALPHA mode is ON.

The CX label shows the ED (EDitor) keyboard, one of the CX-only features.

Hope this is the answer for your question.