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Full Version: How to find a new HP12C+?
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I'm looking for one of the new HP12C+ models, so I checked at Staples tonight. The printed package package was mostly white (not the black/blue styling of the HP35S), copyright date of 2004 on the back, with a small serial number sticker on the back side of the package. The plastic package contained a tiny book, the slipcover, and the calc. The calc powered up when I pressed it, so I couldn't tell if it had one or two batteries.

So, if anyone has a 12C+, I'd love to hear what the packaging looks like. I'm assuming that we can't ID the model based on the serial number...or can we?

(It looked like the packaging pictured in eBay 260340725282, not like the package in eBay 280299476737.)