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Full Version: More HP Manual Scans wanted!
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I'm working on the 7th version of the DVD and CD sets so I'm looking for more document scans.

Here's what we have:

Documents already on DVD V6

Documents already promised for DVD V7

I'm looking for any manuals that are missing. There should be many more Non-English manuals than we have. There are probably still a few English manuals missing as well.

Also I'd like to get scans of individual User's Library Programs. I have a few dozen so far but I'm sure there are many more floating around...

Here's information on scanning and transmitting documents.

There are basically two standards for scanning: for new manuals, they just need to be readable, though as nice looking as possible is always nice. If you want to submit an improved color scan of an existing manual, my standards are higher. For replacements, I'm looking for really nice scans - fully illuminated from corner to corner, straight etc.

If you have some manuals you can scan, please contact me and I'll add you to the list.

I already bought a DVD V6 set (2 DVD).
Can be purchased DVD containing the upgrade to V7, or will have to re-buy the entire set of the whole?

I'm sending the 82180A Extended Functions Manual in Dutch. (Color)

I also have a German HP 32S manual (BENUTZERHANDBUCH). I don't have time to scan all 300 pages, but will send it for free to anyone who will guarantee it will be scanned for the DVD collection according to the standards that Dave has set.

Edited: 7 Jan 2009, 10:35 p.m.

Thanks everyone.

Based on the response so far, I think Version 7 will be a minor update, or we may stay at Version 6 for a while until more manuals are found. So far, my plea has turned up 3 documents for sure and a few possibles so we may finally be running out of things to add. Or maybe I'm speaking too soon - please keep them coming if you have them!

Several people offered manuals if I could scan them, but since most of the manuals on the promised list are already mine to scan, I don't want to take on additional ones right now. If someone else is willing to scan manuals for others, please let us know.

Pricing is usually the last thing I determine, since it depends on the media and packaging, which in turn depends on how much content we end up with. However, I wouldn't expect it to be much different than what we have today.

Just sent in the 42S Electrical Engineering solutions (English) with color cover, remainder is greyscale.


I have the EduCALC #12 and #41 catalogs along with the Elek-tek Volume V catalog on my site. If you want to put them on the DVD please feel free to grab them.



I've got a 42S Programming Techniques in German I may scan if you're interested in. It will take till Sunday evening, however, before I can check my other manuals.

HTH, Walter

Thanks! I've received several documents from Allen already and added Walter's document to the todo list here:

Documents already promised for DVD V7

So far I've avoided Elek-tek scans because I don't know who to ask for permission.

Dave, just sent in another 17b manual for the DVD from the collection. Summary below:

I got it. Thank you again, Allen!

Dave, I just sent you the manual.