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Full Version: OT: FORTH on the Sharp PC-1500
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In May 2007, there was a discussion about using FORTH on the PC-1500. See following Thread:

FORTH on PC-1500

Klaus had a MC-12 datalogger (multimeter, signal analyser, transient recorder) that had a verision of MVS-Forth in rom that could be loaded into a 16K memory in the PC-1500. The PC-1500 is connected to the dataloger, the Load command transfers the FORTH from the Rom in the datalogger to the 16K memory of the PC-1500.

It turns out that the PC-1500 can then be removed from the MC-12 and the Forth will still work - only those commands that directly access the MC-12 would fail. That got me to thinking that it would be nice if there was a way to save the FORTH system to cassette or wav file so that it could be loaded into the PC-1500 without actually owning the MC-12.

At that time, Klaus was nice enough to work with me in trying to figure out how to dump the Forth System. At that time, we never were able to get the dump to work.

A couple of months ago, Klaus was nice enought to lend me a spare MC-12 that he had. After several weekends spent dumping the machine code to cassette and to PC WAV files, I finally was successful in creating a WAV file that can be used to directly load the FORTH system into a PC-1500 without having the MC-12 attached.

I wish to thank Klaus for working with me, and for furnishinng the MC-12.

I know there are many here that are also Sharp PC fans.

If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to make the WAV file available for your use. There is a manual for the FORTH, but it is in German. I have run it thru an on-line translator - with some very intersting results.

To load the FORTH system, you'll need either a CE-161 or CE-163 16K memory module. I have tested the WAV files on several PC-1500 and on both memory modules. CLOAD M the Wav file and then you need to issue a couple of POKE commands to initialize the pointers.

Please contact me off-line at my HPmuseum e-mail if you wish the files.

OT, but not by far...Forth is an interesting language
The Forth/Assembler module for the HP-71B was ny favourite
since it was portable.
Now where are my Sharp's - I have three of them plus one Casio
PC-1500 and a plotter ans tape - any tape recoder...where?

Yes, e-mail me about the Forth & German manual

Casio PC-1500? I guess that's a Sharp, too.

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Your have mail.