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Full Version: NoV64 and Sandbox (and posible other >=8k roms)
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I flashed Sandbox in NoV64 in Pages #C and #D in Bank#2, put module in Port#1 HP-41CX, XEQ HEXEDIT , 4100 ,200, <- <-, reboot - ok, i see { Welcome }. Now i try some functions from Sandbox and most not worked (starting with Math Fcns and up) - example, after XEQ SINH on display NONEXISTENT.
How to configure NoV64 and Sandbox (and posible other >=8k roms and bankswitched roms)?

Edited: 8 Dec 2008, 8:07 p.m.

Have you tried flashing the 12k Advantage ROM into NOV? There is an example in the CLONIX/NOVRam manual that helps to define the Pages and banks that you need for this kind of bank-switching.

A similar configuration can be used for any =>8K module, If I am not mistaken. Perhaps other more experienced users have a similar example?

Problem solved:

ignorant why, but memory at 0x8000, 0x9000, 0xA000 and 0xB000 each of the 4 RAM blocks contain a garbage (must be 0x00B, 0x00C, 0x00E and 0x00F respectively);
i save in 0xN000, 0xNFF4-0xNFFF addr's 0x000 (where N is 8,9,A,B), OFF/ON calculator and everything worked.

Hi all,

Sorry to be so late... I didn't check very often the mail account you mail me to Oleg... please use the one on my web page for further contacts.

Can't tell why you find that garbage on the RAM pages "XROM" word, but good to know the trouble is fixed.

Regarding the Sandbox, it's certainly a non-banckswitched module, so both pages must be mapped to BANK 1.

However, NoV-64 configuration does not allow Bankswitching on its configuration (nonetheless it can be done manually) This is my first upgrade project for 2009... :-)

Best wishes for the Xmas season.


Hi Diego,

By default, 0x8000, 0x9000, 0xA000 and 0xB000 addresses contain values 0x00B,0x00C,0x00E and 0x00F, but sometimes this values conflicted with XROM ids of ROM images flashed in Nov64, for example:

CCD modified have 0x009 and 0x00B XROM ids for lower and upper pages.

As I have found out, for this reason functions from the upper page were inaccessible and did not work.

Best wishes and happy Xmas.

Edited: 16 Dec 2008, 6:08 a.m.


Fortunatelly HEPAX RAM XROM #, can be modified (shifted for example) to 00C, 00D, 00E & 00F, and the HEPAX system integrity will be preserved, while avoiding any conflicts.

I think this is better than modifiying the ROM image XROM #.