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Full Version: Is a 71B math module with manuals worth $225 ?
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I doubt it.

You can find it as a By It Now item on the auction site.

(My id: mvcube)

Hallo Marcus,

it was discussed here several times: *There is no absolute value for such items.* Prices grow with people willing to pay them. Personally, I won't pay such an amount for this, but that's just my view.


Personally, I won't pay such an amount for this, but that's just my view.

Me neither. This weekend, one went on the german site of the unmentionable auction house for something like 80 Euros. More reasonable, but still much more than I would be ready to pay for it. Bear in mind that _nobody_ on this planet really needs this thing. We collectors would like to have one of course (or a spare one for the spare 71B, as in my case :-) ) but as collectors we need to be people with patience anyway - and with enough patience, a better deal will come up sooener or later. Always has so far!

Greetings, Max

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Well, in 2004 I paid around that much. A MoHPC Forum regular initiated a direct-purchase offer after the following thread appeared:


At the time, I had never seen an HP-71B Math ROM available for purchase at eBay or the MoHPC Classifieds. I figured that it was a rare and coveted item.

In recent years, however, the ROM has become much more available -- and at reasonable prices, although not always with a lithographed manual included.

-- KS

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It's a bit of plastic with some obsolete and outdated electronic parts.

A serious person would'nt even bother using it as there are much more powerful machines available today.


just the plastic: 100 euros?