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Full Version: Hp 41 DEMO Magnetic cards -> Barcode PDF
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I have some DEMO magnetic cards from an HP employee-they run a neat DEMO program for the HP 41C.

I'd like to make them into WAND Barcodes to share with the community Sotware Library and for better longevity. Is there an easy way to do this? I have Card reader, EMU-41 w/HP-IL<->PC connection, NOV-32, Zeproms, and Programmer ROM, and access to all the ROM images on Warren's site. I am a little time constrained so it is not feasible to read all the ZENROM/CCD/HEPAX/PPC manuals since that is close to 1000 pgs to learn something that may be trivial to a more expert user. Thanks in advance for your help.


1. I am reasonably familiar with using the 41uc.exe program, but It is not clear to me if there is a standard (easier)way to get Mag-card (USER) programs into a PC text file.

2. I use a windows 98 PC for the PC<-> HPIL card, but I do not have the trans41 or the interest to learn it for this project.

3. I have the 82164A RS232 converters if that is easier, but may not have the adapter for full RS232<->USB reach into a Vista box.

4. Here are some of the programs. I think one of them is related to the shown overlay, but unfortunately it is the one with a corrupted card and will not fully load. The remainder have nothing to do with the DEMO overlay.

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Use EMU41. The HP-IL version is free. Create a virtual 9114B within EMU41, then transfer directly from 41CX to that virtual 9114B via HP-IL. From there you can use 41UC to extract and create barcode.

Thanks Egan, unfortunately I am getting some ASCII errors when I try to decompile the HDRIVE.DAT file that I have.

Instead I tried fat-fingering in two of the DEMO programs with some good degree of success. Here are barcodes for DEMO Program "GR" and for DEMO Program "IN". Along with RAW files for BOTH GR and IN. I really wish I could upload the 9-card DEMO program. :-)

I just tried it. Works fine for me.

Make sure EMU41.INI has in the [DEVICES] list:


From 41 connected via HP-IL to EMU41:

  4. NEWM 010 (space for 10 programs, increase if necessary)
  6. WRTP
  7. DIR (make sure it is there)
From PC:
There are a number of open source tools to convert PS to PDF.

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