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Full Version: SCI-15C question.
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Could someone please let me know if the 15c emulator for iPhone retains it's state upon program exit?



Mine does, programs and all.

The newest update is even better, with an option to make the keys bigger, among other things.

A bit more pricey than most iPhone apps, but for the HP fanatic and collector a sheer joy to have and to use. I rarely use my real 15C since it was expensive and is near mint and I am afraid to look at it funny. SCI-15C gives me the pleasure of the calculator without the anxiety of wrecking my collectible.


Thank you Chuck and Les,

As a long time user of the OSX version of Nonpareil (which does not save states), I am pleased there will be no "Pr Error", on the iphone version, if my calculations or programming are interrupted by a phone call or some other event.

Best regards,


Edited: 21 Nov 2008, 8:05 a.m.

Can anyone list available HP rpn calculator models that are on apps for Blackberry and I phone preferably with continous memory for pgrm models, thanks, Howard

I'm considering developing calculators for the Blackberry Storm. It's not obvious to me how one could create a decent calculator user interface for the non-touchscreen Blackberry models.