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Full Version: My First HP-67 Program: Resistor Networks
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Last week, I repaired the HP-67 I purchased on-line about a year ago (thanks to members of this forum for the card reader advice).

This week I wrote my first HP-67 program, for computing node voltages of simple networks of one or two nodes, with inputs consisting of constant current sources, and resistors connected to voltage sources, like this:

I actually started this program about a year ago, and tested and debugged it on my HP-41CX with the card reader plugged in (for the HP-67 compatibility functions), but finally entered and saved it on my '67 this week.

I've documented my efforts at http://www.stefanv.com/calculators/hp67_resistors.html.

There's a brief section at the end of the article entitled "Possible Improvments". Since this forum loves HP programming challenges, consider it a challenge. :-)

Stefan Vorkoetter

(PS. Last time I posted a link to one of my articles, one member complained about the fact that there are ads on my site. Those ads are all in a narrow column down the left side, and help pay for the web hosting. If you're offended by ads, feel free to not drop by.)

stefan, klasse website!

cheers, hans

Not only is it a classy website, it also has some great info on a variety of subjects. Stefan has developed some interesting and useful programs for HP calculators - the 35s in particular and I am proud to see such a tremendous contribution from a fellow Canadian. I only wish I, as a dumb engineer but avid HP calculator enthusiast, could contribute as much...
Jeff Kearns