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Full Version: hp 33s / 35s - solving simultaneous 2 variable linear equations with complex coefficients
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Is there a program for the hp33s / 35s similar for solving simultaneous equations having two variables using complex number coefficients?

The 33s manual provides a program for 3 variable with real coefficients, and suggests replacing specfic coefficients with 0s and 1s while using it to solve for 2 variables. That method is not very convenient, and it would be convenient to have some way to switch between solving for two variable or three variables; whether for real or complex.

Palmer O. Hanson, Jr. in this forum has developed programs for solving 3 variable simultaneous equations with complex coefficients using the hp33s/35s. Are there similar programs for 2 variables as well.

Edited: 16 Nov 2008, 9:01 p.m.

Am I missing something, or what? Why can't you adjust the 3 variable to a 2 variable routine? It would seem conceptually to be a trivial task.

My Matrix Multi-Tool for the HP 35s will handle systems of anywhere from 2 up to 18 linear equations, and it will work with complex coefficients.

Stefan Vorkoetter