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20B gives $1799.80 as well.

Allen, my 17BII+ Silver (serial CNA72600010) gives pmt=1799.80, as does my 12c, 12cp, 17B, 17BII, and 17BII+ Gold. I wonder if this may indicate a bug in a later ROM release of the silver (assuming they changed the ROM between my serial number and yours).

Sorry! I found the solution to the question above by checking the BEGIN/END settings which are not reset on the 17bii+ when the Machine is soft reset. When I tried to delete the question above it kept the other responses, making for a silly looking thread. :( sorry.

If you'd like to see the question:
I was doing a Financial Calculator bake off with a number of HP models today and have become puzzled by the following Amortization:

N=180 (15 year)
I/YR= 5.875
PMT= Solve

When run on every other calculator I have including 48g, 27s, 12c 12cp, 12cp-25th, 17bii, 17bii+(gold), 14b-50th, and 10b, and even MS Excel I get PMT=($1,799.80)

but the Silver 17bii+ says I should pay (-1791.04). I've reset all machines, confirmed P/YR=12 values. When I set I/YR to 0% the Silver 17bii+ agrees with the others, but becomes slightly off for any value non-zero of I. I have tried several other scenarios, varying N, and PV, and for non-zero interest values the 17bii+ Gold and Silver do not agree.

Perhaps there is something else I'm missing? FWIW, 17bii+ SN is CNA81102019.