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I have recently acquired a manual titled "TRANSLATOR PAC PROGRAMMER'S TOOLKIT USER'S MANUAL" for the HP-71B with the translator pac by William C Wickes. It has a part number of V7540-71-7. The Introduction says "The Translator PAC Programmer's Toolkit, or TPPT for short, is a set of extensions to the HP 81490A HP-41 Translator Pac, that provides an enhanced programming capability for the HP-41 and FORTH languages." I am very interested in using the TPPT but I don't have a copy of the software which came on tape and cards. Can anyone provide me a copy of the software on disc or cards. Thanks, John Pierce

Hi John,

I don't have the software. But if you could scan the manual and submit it for a next edition of the MoHPC DVD, it would be great!

Are the listings of the programs (in Forth I assume) in the manual so the tape/cards are just an aid, or are there not at all?


Hi Jean-Francois,

Sorry but there are no program listings in the manual.

That funny sound you hear is me slapping my forehead and saying "why didn't I think of that" .... There are only 59 pages, I'll start scanning soon. John Pierce